Innovations for the Future

About Us – Sumar International

Who we are ?

Established by the end of 2007, SUMAR International, Inc. goal was to offer US customers cost-saving products and help them grow their business.

Manufacturers around the world provide Sumar with state-of-the-art and innovating technologies to help our customers guarantee quality products and increase their revenue.

In 2008, we focused our efforts on providing in-house electronics for US hospitality industry. In 2012, we started to build our own brands including Sumar / UNO / uMove and uBrite in both commercial and consumer market. In 2016, we proudly launch our internationally known Miffy Product Line.

For 2018 and beyond, we will continue to offer new products for the ever-changing market while maintaining our obsession with quality and service. We hope that you will partner with us in our success and growth for the years to come.

Why Sumar?

Sumar selects products based on hospitality premium standard and treats our Brands seriously. Our warranty is usually longer than similar products in US market in order to build customer’s loyalty and confidence in our products. 

Mission Statement

Develop and distribute innovative products to all customers, understanding their needs while maximizing the potential of the brands we own and represent. 


Words of Motivation

We are very happy with the Sumar International supply team and innnovative products procured and supplied to us.
Amazing team with very high spirits. Always committed towards time and did walk extra mile in providing a niche of products for our hotel. 
I must say, Sumar International has always delivered what has been promised and that too within our budget.